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REACH Registration

REACH Registration

The REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 is the EU’s most extensive legislative project to date. It has harmonized chemicals law throughout Europe. REACH regulates registrations, assessments and approvals of substances by means of a comprehensive catalogue of obligations. Neglect of duty can be rewarded by the authorities with a stiff fine.

There is hardly a single company that is not affected by this regulation. In order to achieve REACH conformity, one must build up a comprehensive data documentation system and clear internal processes.

We are entirely familiar with the requirements of the REACH Regulation and have grown with them during the past few years. Our customers profit from this. We are at their side in all areas, ranging from stock taking and definitions of various roles under REACH to preparation and communication of the documents required for REACH. We support our customers reliably, with technical knowledge and a view of new requirements to come.


In general, all substances (including substances in mixtures) which are produced in the EU or imported from outside the EU in quantities totalling over one (metric) ton per producer or importer per year have to be registered by these companies.

Registrations are effected centrally with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and proceed in accordance with a strict formal process. This process is based on submission of a comprehensive registration dossier for which great technical expert knowledge (for example, in the area of toxicology) and a large quantity of laboratory data are required. With annual tonnage totalling over 10 tons, the manufacturers and importers must also prepare a substance safety report. In order to relieve our customers of this work and safeguard them against mistakes, we conduct substance registrations pursuant to the REACH Regulation as an external service on behalf of the customer.

Our associated company COALSTER GmbH is the lead registrant for charcoal. Please turn to this company in regard to all matters related to registration of charcoal.
If you are looking for an “Only Representative” (OR), then please turn to REACHECK OR Services UG.