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Product Compliance

More legal certainty with product compliance

When introducing a new product, there is much to consider: One important aspect concerns conformity with all legal requirements. This includes EU regulations and directives, national legislation and also standards. The manufacturer is responsible for fulfilling these framework conditions. Product compliance is therefore a fundamental task for manufacturing and importing companies. Non-compliance can result in damage and the liability for this is up to the so-called distributor. You are looking for comprehensive and competent advice as well as support in product compliance management? We will inform you about this topic and show you strategies to integrate product compliance into your internal processes and thus meet the corresponding requirements automatically. This saves you time, protects your inventories and also reduces the error margins.

What is product compliance? Definition and basis

The legal requirements for all kinds of products have changed considerably and rise-up in the past years. Technological developments as well as an enhanced desire for safety and environmental awareness result in progressively more complex requirements for products. Product compliance ensures that these requirements are already considered during the design and manufacturing process. With regard to this aspect, the manufacturer can offer a product that fully complies with these legal requirements right from the launch. This applies not only to national but also international regulations - an important point in an increasingly globalized world. To guarantee that this point has to be kept in mind at every step of the process, companies need a product compliance management system. This system has to confirm that all parties involved are informed about all requirements relating to the product and the available sales market.

Product compliance - an integrated system for the fulfilment of legal requirements

According to its definition, the task of product compliance is to avoid legal complications for the company which can arise due to the non-fulfilment of legal requirements. It ensures that goods are produced in the necessary quality and with the legally requested properties. As product compliance experts we have made it our task to support companies in this area of responsibility. Our specialists are experienced product compliance managers who, due to their engineering background, have a high level of expertise in technical processes. With regard to legal security, we collaborate with you to set out a marketable product that meets all requirements.

Our services as your competent product compliance specialist

The fulfilment of product compliance is our fundamental concern. We advise you on various obligations, such as mandatory labelling, documentation, or information and provide you with our broad expertise in this field. We are a recognized contact for many authorities as our highly qualified and regularly trained team of experienced chemists and engineers performs lecturing activities. Through our wide and professional network, we are able to identify tendencies and trends in legislation at an early stage. This benefits our customers, for whom we can make future-oriented recommendations.

Product compliance: various forms

Which topics are covered by a product compliance management system can be different and are mostly subject to the branch industry. We have excellent knowledge of legal regulations, standards and concepts and are able to develop an individual support for each company, therefore. The scale of our assistance naturally depends on your specific needs: for example, it is conceivable to assign us for selected projects or in times of high workloads. But if required, we will also carry out all tasks related to the topic for you as an external service provider.

What are the challenges facing a product compliance manager?

An efficient product compliance specialist has to cope with different challenges, mainly the implementation of the seven points in the product compliance management system (PCMS). These include the creation of papers as documentation for the respective management, the research for appropriate resources to deal with both internal and external duties, the development and maintenance of know-how and the expansion of communication with third parties. It is important to clarify all essential questions in advance in order to fulfil product conformity reliably. In this context, the processes in development and production must also be considered. Furthermore, product compliance clarifies, (according to definition), which responsibilities the persons involved have and which powers play a role for whom. The internal implementation of a product compliance management system must be planned precisely. This involves a check-up which competencies employees must have in the respective areas. Additional factors relate to the persons assisting with implementation and the development of a recall management system, for which legal requirements also exist.

Product compliance in a nationally and internationally oriented company

The determination of relevant standards and laws has to be carried out at various levels. For example, there are regulations for products not only for all over Germany, but also for the European or international area, which must be noticed. As specialists, we are well acquainted with all these legal requirements and can therefore support you with a high level of expert knowledge. On your behalf, we will take care of legal notifications, the preparation of an EU safety data sheet, adequate supplier, and customer communication - for example with regard to certain harmful substances – as well as a professional risk assessment. It does not only concern companies in the chemical industry for whom we have an eye on the important requirements of the REACH regulation, which is accompanied by an extensive catalogue relating to the registration, evaluation, and authorization of chemical substances. Our field of activity covers various sectors, such as toy manufacturing, mechanical engineering, manufacturers of construction products and the consumer sector. We have a look at the processes in your production and import with a critical, independent view and are thus able to advise and support you optimally and in line with your needs.

We are your reliable product compliance specialist - contact us

Our method of operating is determined by your individual structures and your particular needs. At the beginning of each cooperation, there will be an initial meeting in which we analyse what kind and scope of assistance you require and need. By this co-operative work you reduce your own effort, increase your effectiveness, and achieve a maximum of security for all persons involved as well as for the product itself. The quality of our work is also reflected in our internal quality management system, which is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Product conformity will make you a trustworthy and competent partner for your customers and you will act as a responsible market participant towards the authorities. This not only ensures better legal security - it also gives you a real competitive advantage. We offer our services for the issuing of a complete management system. As a product compliance manager, we support you in being acquainted with the important basics of legal regulations and keeping them in focus. Would you like to learn more about our services? Contact us - we will be happy to provide you with competent and comprehensive advice.