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Foodstuffs Conformity

Foodstuffs Conformity

A conformity declaration is a compact summary of the previously rendered internal and external conformity work. It confirms that a product meets the applicable legal requirements and therefore fulfils the requirements for placing it on the market. Conformity declarations have had to be issued for materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, including those made of (recycled) plastic, epoxy derivatives, ceramics and cellulose film, since EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 entered into force.

Here, it makes no difference whether the material in question is a product, a product component or a packaging component.

In the case of products, it pays to take a closer look: plastics can, for example, hide in anti-stick coatings, enamelled products qualify as ceramics, and epoxy derivatives are hidden invisibly in coatings on cans. The inspection authorities know exactly where they have to look.

asseso supports its customers by keeping the various proofs, documenting the results and preparing their conformity declarations. One critical question that arises sometimes is that of provision along the delivery chain, for which we work out an approach that fits the structure and processes in the company.