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EU Safety Data Sheets

EU Safety Data Sheets

The EU Safety Data Sheets (SDS) has been the best-known tool in the traffic of hazardous products for many years. Each SDS contains a great quantity of information about chemical composition, possible hazards, labelling, storage, transport and waste disposal of a given product. Such a data sheet serves the purpose of standardized data transfer for market partners, external services providers and internal company departments. Inspection authorities likewise pay close attention to SDS’s because of possible effects on labour and environmental protection.

Many regulations, items of information and internal and external processes come together in an SDS. asseso checks and compiles safety data sheets in accordance with the currently valid Regulation (EG) 1907/2006 (REACH) and the latest change regulation (EU) No. 2020/878. We classify your substances and mixtures and derive further contents from them. Contents of an SDS can also have effects on labelling, product packaging, storage and transport of the product.

For some customers, we take on the entire process of SDS compilation; for others, we provide internal training to lay the basis for building up technical knowledge and internal process structures.

You, as a company, are required to ensure that the SDS’s for your products are always up to date. Changes in the law and in the classification of the substances in use, as well as revisions of recipes, can make it necessary to change an SDS. You must also inform your customers of the past 12 months of each change in the SDS. When a product is being exported within the EU, the SDS must also be available in the language of the country to which it is being exported. This requires not only technically correct translations but also that differing national regulations and boundary values of the importing country be taken into account.

asseso maintains a database of several thousand safety data sheets of customers. Thanks to specialized software and trained personnel, we are able to effect all required changes in a simplified, efficient way and provide our customers with updated safety data sheets on time.