Chemical Products

Chemical Products

Chemical products find their way into industrial production, for example as raw materials, auxiliary substances and operating supplies, and consequently only into professional user hand. But there is also a large number of chemical consumer products, most of which are freely accessible. Examples from our daily practice would be cleaning agents, deodorizers, adhesives, filter media, biocides and plastics.

Due to their differing marketing situation and hazards, all chemical products are subject to strict statutory requirements. These influence not only import, storage, transport and communication, but also labelling and the appearance of the finished product to be sold. These factors result in greatly different issues.

In the area of chemistry, we serve manufacturers, for whom materials compliance has special priority. They receive support in their work with the basics, such as with the initial registration of a substance. On the other hand, importers and dealers, who buy and market a finished mixture, concentrate on product compliance and transparency of the delivery chain.

Legislation (Selection)

Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 – REACH
Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 – CLP

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