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Asseso AG has achieved a level of quality management (QM) according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

In mid-2022, DQS Holding GmbH certified that we fully meet the requirements of the most important national and international standard for quality management.

As a specialist service provider for product compliance management systems, we process a lot of highly sensitive data for our customers and also advise on issues of how to optimise processes. Therefore, it was only logical for us to have ourselves measured by a neutral body in terms of this important standard and to have our quality management tested.

Certification is not an end in itself. It is also not something that must be done because the customers would like it that way. Rather, many benefits will accrue from handling certification as a task of management. One will be rewarded with far more than the certificate itself for the great amount of work involved which, admittedly, can be very time-consuming at times. Certification has shown us this in an impressive way.

Our customers will profit from the certified processes. Going forward, we shall steadily continue to do everything we can to make our customers’ work with custom-made solutions as simple and reliable as possible. Just as we did before the certification.