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Our Daily Business: Law and Order

Are you not quite sure about a certain approval procedure? Are you wondering about whether a letter from the authorities refers to the right legal basis?

Then you are not alone. The partners of asseso AG, almost all of whom are engineers, have been supporting companies in precisely these questions and in planning legally secure launches of new products since 2005. Back then, we were not able to foresee how complex the legal requirements for a marketable product would become. Today, even in cases of supposedly simple products, this complexity has achieved such an extent that many firms are no longer able to describe these diverse requirements comprehensively for themselves in regard to labelling, documentation and informational obligations as well as necessary special knowledge.

In early 2012 we formed the concept “Product Compliance Management” − at first for ourselves as an internal guide − and have since then consistently designed our company’s services accordingly.

asseso AG is a dynamic, young company with straightforward flat structures. Our team comprises highly qualified, regularly schooled engineers and chemists. They are in demand as instructors for courses and are also competent partners for negotiations with governmental authorities and discussions in external groups of experts. We apply our entire technical knowledge to your particular case.

We exchange information with others in the network in order to be sure that we recognize the latest trends in the legislative procedures and derive specific recommendations from them for our customers.

We would be glad to advise you, in special individual questions or in implementing an overall strategy.

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