Each with his or her strengths

Our consulting performance is as outstanding as our team. Technical quality, structured manner of work and regular additional education in various areas are indispensable for our work.

For only with special knowledge, transparent work processes and flat structures are we able to pilot our greatly diverse customers professionally and economically efficiently through all the requirements of the applicable legal regulations.

We are there for you:

Stefan Oehrlein
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Mechanical engineering
managing director
Mail: s.oehrlein@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-66
expert in quality management, strategy development, distribution

Andreas Fleckenstein
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Chemistry
chairman oft he board
Mail: a.fleckenstein@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-50
Chemical products, consumer products, toys

Daniela Haun
Assistant to executive management
Mail: d.haun@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-0
Administration, bookkeeping, employees

Daniel Ivens
M.Eng. Electrical and information technology
Member oft he supervisory board
Mail: d.ivens@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-52
Electric devices, toys, consumer products, wooden products

Marcus Schwantner
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Environmental, sanitation and safety technology
Member oft he supervisory board
Mail: m.schwantner@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-54
Construction products, machines, automotive goods

Diana Ott
M.Sc. Environmental science
Dipl. ecologist of environmental management
Mail: d.ott@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-57
Medical devices, chemical products, wooden products

Christian Koch
B.Eng. Energy and environmental management
Mail: c.koch@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-55
Chemical Products, electric devices, construction products

Lukas Schmidt
LL.B. Economic law
Mail: l.schmidt@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-51
REACH, machines

Patrick Schymura
B.Sc. Multimedial communication und documentation
Mail: p.schymura@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-56
Quality management

Sonia Rodrigues Veiga
Student employee
Mail: s.veiga@asseso.eu
Fon: +49 6021 15086-58
Quality management, knowledge management

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