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Our customer portfolio includes importers and dealers of a great variety of toys, most of which are produced outside the EU for reasons of costs. Hence our services focus on fulfilment of product compliance and traceability of the delivery chain.

The requirements placed on toys in respect to upper bounds for contaminants, contact with saliva, grasping contact, quality, attachment of parts, labelling and packaging are very high, and that is good. Toys are strictly controlled by inspection authorities, who respond to omissions with stiff fines.

The lawgiver has defined the term “toy” very broadly. Thus there is the occasional product which was originally conceived as a decorative object but turned out to be a toy when the authorities found it in the sales shelves. Regarded as a toy, it failed to comply, for example, with the upper boundaries for contaminants. This is why we accompany many of our customers during their product development phases.

Legislation (Selection)

Directive 2001/95/EC – General Product Safety
Directive 2009/48/EC – Toys Directive
Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 – REACH
Directive 2012/19/EU – WEEE
Directive 2006/55/EC - Batteries

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