Product Compliance System

Product compliance and its management love order. The resulting transparency and clear structure are worth the effort in many respects: they minimize erroneous and repeat services, provide the right information at the right place and at the right time, demonstrate competence to external market partners and, above all, ensure that the products you place on the European market are marketable.

In setting up such a product compliance system in a company, we consider seven areas which, when meshed with each other, form a smoothly operating system.

Product Compliance System Teilbereiche

Inventory of Legal Provisions

Everything that is law!

A legal cadastre is an indispensable aid regardless of your product range’s breadth. It provides valuable orientation within your company and lets the authorities know that your company appreciates the importance of product compliance. When compiling the inventory, we start with the basic requirements of ISO 14001 : 2015, go on to classify the company’s products into product groups and then compile the relevant statutory regulations, guidelines, standards and internal instructions for each product group. In doing so, we also include materials, labelling, attendant documents, packaging and rules for transport.

Only regular controls protect

Once it has been compiled, the legal cadastre must be checked and updated at regular intervals. We do this for our customers and thus ensure that the latest regulations are applied.

Keeping an up-to-date legal cadastre does not relieve companies of their responsibilities to implement these regulations, to make them known in the company and to undertake actions that are in line with the law! This is why we derive detailed product and company specific instructions from each customer’s legal cadastre and give our customers timely notice of new laws and reforms of existent regulations.

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