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Product Compliance Manager

Product Compliance Manager

Defining the field

As product compliance manager, you are responsible for ensuring that all products meet their legal requirements and can be marketed without objections from the authorities. That is a broad, responsible assignment:

You lay important foundations in that you know all the relevant legal regulations and continually keep them in mind. Building on this, you define the scope of the company’s own permits, certifications and laboratory tests and how these are carried out. You also work out the rules for checking documents from suppliers against the company’s own standards. Finally, you ensure that the documentation is easily understood and that the relevant data flows smoothly both within the company and to the outside. In discharging these responsibilities, you work together closely with neighbouring departments because the information from you constitutes important inputs for product and quality management, logistics, marketing, procurement and sales, knowing that even small mistakes and gaps can become expensive and have serious consequences for your company.

Protect Yourself with External Support

One must have comprehensive technical knowledge from several areas in order to carry out this important, complex task. Such knowledge may well not be completely available in a given company.

This is where we can support you, perhaps with advice in structural matters, perhaps by taking over specific projects to the extent requested by you, or perhaps through training sessions that enable you and your employees to take on tasks independently with the required expertise.