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Product Compliance Management

Product Compliance Management

Take the initiative!

Product compliance is a company task. Every employee must not only know this task but also be aware of the significance of his or her own task in the overall process. Product compliance is not an area in which each employee just has to participate.

On the contrary, there is hardly a company area that is not affected by product compliance. What the various compliance-relevant positions are called and how they are separated from one another differs from company to company, depending on company size and structure. The important thing is that the individual positions and departments (have to) communicate with each other intensively so that the desired conformant product or corresponding service is achieved at the end of the process.

The paths to be taken and tools to be used must be provided “barrier free”, so to speak.

Small and medium-sized companies can find it especially difficult or even impossible to keep the necessary chemical, technical or legal expertise on hold. But violations are penalized severely. Hence product compliance is also always risk minimization. This is why it is important to define all tasks and processes in their entirety and to provide the relevant interfaces with the information required. This is where we can assist you with a variety of services at any time.