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Product Compliance for Executive Managers

Product Compliance for Executive Managers

Product compliance is a matter for the boss!

All the areas of the company combine to form a working system under your direction as executive manager. You are responsible for this system and are personally liable as statutory representative if you − even unknowingly! − disregard internal guidelines or statutory requirements in the context of your management task.

Product compliance, namely fulfilment of all legal requirements for a product, has effects on almost all areas of a company. The possibilities for gaps and erroneous performance are correspondingly diverse. The authorities punish violations rigorously, across Europe and often with five-digit fines or imprisonment. You must exclude this risk for yourself and your company. This is why product compliance is a matter for the boss.

Delegation is good, control is a must!

This does not mean that you as chief executive have to fulfil the function of the company’s product compliance manager. But you must ensure that the tasks of product compliance management in your company are actually carried out − perhaps by employing an external expert, perhaps by creating a special position internally, or perhaps by subdividing these tasks sensibly and assigning them to various individuals in the company in a transparent way, or perhaps in some other way. No matter what your solution is, ultimate responsibility and control remain with you.

Initiate the process of implementing a product compliance management system in your company. Every company is different and already brings along some of the requirements for this − mostly more than one would think. We will support you with this very individual task and develop the optimal process structure for your company together with you.