Product Compliance System

Product compliance and its management love order. The resulting transparency and clear structure are worth the effort in many respects: they minimize erroneous and repeat services, provide the right information at the right place and at the right time, demonstrate competence to external market partners and, above all, ensure that the products you place on the European market are marketable.

In setting up such a product compliance system in a company, we consider seven areas which, when meshed with each other, form a smoothly operating system.

Product Compliance System Teilbereiche

Specification Sheets

According to all the rules of compliance

All legal requirements presuppose specific activities for products and companies. The more complex a product and value creation chain, the more diverse the obligations and hence the greater the potential for mistakes.

This is why employees need to comprehend both the entire process and to possess detailed knowledge about carrying out individual tasks.

This is achieved by detailed specification sheets for your employees. They describe comprehensively which tasks are carried out by whom and when, which information and proofs must be obtained and how they are passed on in the process. We assist you with formulating these instructions, assume responsibility for drawing them up in their entirety, and, if you wish, also train your team in using these specification sheets.

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