Product Compliance System

Product compliance and its management love order. The resulting transparency and clear structure are worth the effort in many respects: they minimize erroneous and repeat services, provide the right information at the right place and at the right time, demonstrate competence to external market partners and, above all, ensure that the products you place on the European market are marketable.

In setting up such a product compliance system in a company, we consider seven areas which, when meshed with each other, form a smoothly operating system.

Product Compliance System Teilbereiche


Let’s see where this is going

Every system that works also lives and changes, sometimes more, and sometimes less. Weaknesses might be present in the system or might develop slowly over time − possibly through the persons who use the system, possibly through new internal procedures or possibly through changes in the law. It is often difficult for employees who are involved to recognize the system’s weaknesses as such and take corrective measures. That entails risks for your company. You can counteract them with regular monitoring of your company processes.

Effective monitoring considers both internal and external processes. The company’s most important instructions on taking action and the employees’ state of knowledge are a part of every recurring audit. The weaknesses that are uncovered are then set aside by appropriate adjustments.

The most important external monitoring measure is that of observing all legislative activities continually so that there is time to react to possible changes in the framework conditions of the company’s business. We are always very well informed here owing to our network and our work with professional associations. We also conduct appraisals of products in the form of our Quick Check. The customers receive a report of this as well as a catalogue of measures that can be taken to optimize results.

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