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Hazards Assessments

Hazards Assessments

The operator of a machine or a system that consists of two or more machines is an employer within the meaning of company labour protection. The machine serves as a means of production. The employer is obligated to conduct a hazards assessment before putting a machine or system into service so as to minimize the risk of work accidents and occupational and work-related illnesses and diseases.

A hazards assessment aims to identify and document all measures that must be taken to ensure that provision and use of the machine or system is safe. This includes the hazards associated with use of the machine itself as well as those induced by possible interactions of machines with each other, work materials and the work environment.

Thus the hazards assessment goes beyond the manufacturer’s risk assessment for the individual machine and can also not be delegated to the manufacturer. The manufacturer provides the operator, in accordance with the machine guideline, with the operating instructions and further information which, however, only flow into the more comprehensive hazards assessment as a component.

asseso supports the hazards analysis with expert appraisal on site, bringing together the various items of information collected, establishing the corrective measures and writing up the hazards assessment.