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Definition: According to the Packaging Directive, packaging is used to contain, protect, handle, deliver and present goods. The material from which they are made is irrelevant. The term packaging in this context only includes sales packaging (primary packaging), secondary packaging (secondary packaging) and transport packaging (tertiary packaging).

Speciality: As a result of the extended producer responsibility, packaging is subject to individual national requirements. Relevant topics here are the reporting, labeling, return and recycling of these.

In Germany, manufacturers are obliged to register with the "Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister" (ZSVR) and to report the quantities of packaging put into circulation.

Packaging intended for private households in the French market must be provided with instructions for waste separation. France requires the so-called Info-Tri label to be affixed to the packaging to implement this requirement. Similar obligations are found in Italy, for example.

Legislation (Selection)

Directive 94/62/EC – Packaging Directive

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