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CE-Building Products

CE-Building Products

Building products are a special feature within the framework of European product regulations. A construction product is subject to the EU Construction Products Regulation only if it is marketed in the EU and is subject to a valid harmonized standard or if a European Technical Assessment has been issued for the construction product. In simplified terms, a distinction is made between harmonized and non-harmonized construction products. This distinction leads to different obligations for the economic operators, so that the product can be placed on the market and used. This is expressed both in the proof of product safety and in the marking of the products.

CE mark, Ü mark, or no mark at all?

The CE marking for construction products is affixed to the product either on the basis of a harmonized standard or an ETA. Construction products that are not covered by a harmonized standard therefore do not bear a CE mark. For these construction products, it must be checked whether the national building law makes requirements for these products. The national regulations in Germany can lead to the marking with the Ü-mark. This marking is part of the national approval and verification procedure for the usability of the construction products. These requirements are described in the state building regulations with reference to the Model Administrative Regulation for Technical Building Regulations (MVV TB). Very „simple“ construction products do not bear a special mark, but symbols provided for in the standards may be used.

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Proof of constancy of performance for construction products

Again a special feature. For building products, information on their performance must be generated. In plain language, this means that performance tests in the laboratory must be used to determine corresponding values that are required in the building structure or for installation and certain applications. For example the strength of a construction product that is required for load-bearing purposes. This means that it must always be described for which applications the construction product is intended and also suitable. All this information is part of the Technical Documentation on the basis of which, for example, a declaration of performance or a national certificate of suitability for use is issued. For many construction products, Notified Bodies or appropriately approved testing institutes must also be involved in the verification process.

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