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Industrial Sectors

No two products are the same

We currently serve approximately 150 customers from a great variety of industrial sectors and thus look after a very respectable number of products. At first, these just look like a colourful smorgasbord. However, there are clear types of products which we present below with their special features by way of example.

But a one-dimensional consideration of a product group is deceptive, given the entirely different tasks at hand. Indeed, our customers − and you too! − play differing roles in the value creation chain.

Some are manufacturers, others are importers, yet others are dealers, and sometimes two or even three of these roles can be played by a single company. For a given product group, the differing roles result in differing tasks and obligations.

Now we present the range of tasks with which our customers entrust us. You can be sure of one thing: If your special problematic case is not covered below explicitly, we will be able to use synergies of similar cases.

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